I don't think the GPU is available

I am on the “Fine-tuning a model with the Trainer API” step of Chapter 3 of the NLP Course.

I read, somewhere earlier, that Google Colab makes a GPU available for free. At the point where the Trainer is invoked, the tutorial says, “This will start the fine-tuning (which should take a couple of minutes on a GPU)”. When I tried this step in the Colab notebook, it took several hours.

Does this mean that the GPU is no longer free in Colab, or is there a missed step that I need to know about?

Nb. I am familiar with Jupyter notebooks but am fairly new to Colab and a total LLM newbie.

Hi @AltShift!
You can change the run time environment of a colab notebook as explained in this video.

When connected to the new runtime you can check if cuda is available with the following code snipped

import torch

alternatively you can define a device if you need to pass it:

device = torch.device("cuda" if torch.cuda.is_available() else "cpu")


Thanks @CKeibel !

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