Identifying sections of a text document

Hello all,

I have a question and I’m not sure where to ask so I’m asking it in general.

I’m working on a problem where I identify different sections of Job Description.
For example skills section, company information section, job requirements section etc.

I thought about it using NER and QA System but:
Entities in NER system and answers in QA system can’t be that much long (a complete section of text).

Is there any specific domain in NLP for these kind of problems?
Are there any pre-trained models for these kind of problems on HuggingFace?

If you know the possible names of the sections you can try to use regex to find them and partition them.(no the best method may be but should get the job done.

idk about an NLP way to do this other than some sort of few shot learning where you give a model like- deberta v2 mnli and a few examples to train it and hope for the best.