Image size understanding in DinoV2

Hi everyone,
I was playing with Dinov2 model of the transformers library of HF and I have a question.
If I change the image_size in the config.json file, than this will change the real input image size of the model or will be changed after by the parameters of the preprocessor_config.json?
I tried training a model here :

and I changed the input image size (from 518 to 1036). But then I saw that the “crop_size” parameter in the preprocessing file is still: {“height”: 224,“width”: 224}. Is useless to change img size if the crop_size is unchanged?
What would be the best practice in order to fill the entire image to the model?
Thank you all in advance !

This question was answered here: Image size understanding in DinoV2 and Transformers generally · Issue #27977 · huggingface/transformers · GitHub

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