Installing SD 1.5 on linux server

Sorry for a stupid question. I googled it of two days, and didn’t find even one single full guide to installation. Every guide starts form the middle. I’m looking for a guide in a level of "type ‘chmod +x’ in the terminal.

So I tried it “by my own”.
I’m using my University server, that can be accessed using Moba X, via tunneling. My crazy idea is that the calculations will be executed on the uni server, while the user (me) will open a browser window and play with UI on my device.

So my guide, that led to “doesn’t work” is as following:

  1. ssh to the server
  2. create new folder typing “mkdir SD1.5” and then “cd SD1.5”
  3. download SD UI using “git clone GitHub - AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui: Stable Diffusion web UI
  4. go to models, using "cd stable-diffusion-webui " and cd “models” and "cd Stable-diffusion "
  5. copy huggingface model using “wget” and go for a short coffee brake.
  6. go back to stable-diffusion-webui folder, and type “chmod +x+r”
  7. to load python: “module load GCCcore/11.3.0” and than “module load Python/3.10.4” : This step is due to “feature” of our uni server, that asks to load modules manually.
  8. launch “./ --share” and go for a toilet brake.
    And It works! But the problem is that I get an address:
    Running on local URL: htt…1:7860
    That doesn’t open in my browser. I can type in Moba “xdg-open htt…1:7860”, and it actually opens a new window. But it is loads empty.

So: what did I do wrong?

Thanks a lot.

Update here: If I wait long enough, the window finally loads a SD UI, but it is so slow, that it’s impossible to use.
For some reason I don’t get a public link. If this forum is not for this kind of issues, I would be grateful if you refer me to the right one.