Integration with Public-sector Data Portals

Hello. I am pleased to share some information with the community about integrating AI systems with public-sector data portals.

If you are interested in developing multimodal dialogue systems, chatbots, for contexts like,, and, then you should explore CKAN and DKAN, if you haven’t already.

CKAN (Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network) is used by national and regional government organizations throughout the European Union, the Americas, Asia, and Oceania to power a variety of official and community data portals. Documentation is available here. Documentation about developing extensions is available here. Source code is available here.

DKAN (Drupal-based Knowledge Archive Network) is a community-driven, free and open-source open data platform that gives organizations and individuals ultimate freedom to publish and consume structured information. DKAN is inspired by CKAN and is built on top of the very popular Drupal CMS. Documentation is available here. Source code is available here.

There are tremendous opportunities with respect to AI, civic technology, and open government and I wanted to share this information with the community. Thank you.

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