Interacting with pdfs , excel sheets with LLMs + SpotifyAPI

Hi , I am quite new to LLMs and have recently experimented with Open AI s capability to query pdfs to retrieve information ( conversational queries)

Currently I am using spotify s API to get information of playlist songs such as artists name, key signature, beats per minute to name a few and dumping the data into a csv file.
What i am trying is given a artist name and song can i retrieve more information such as what are the basic chord progressions, what is drum pattern . Basically to get additional information.
I am wondering what could be the way forward here and if there are already example note books (some sort of a playground ? )

Secondly as a newbie , does hugging face have its own internal bot to ask questions :smiley: just curious as it HF is quite overwhelming in the beginning .

checkout kaggle.

Here is an example workbook of what may work for you. Spotify music analysis | Kaggle

Hi @panigrah thanks for the kaggle notebook reference . I however have already extracted a CSV file with song list , key , beats per minute etc . I am looking how to have an additional column containing the chord progression and that’s where I am struggling how to move forward .


Trying to understand better.

the data for Spotify doesn’t have this and you are looking for a way to extract it from the songs themselves?

hi @panigrah
Exactly spotify has information such as
1, key
2. Artists name
3. Song name
4. beats per minute

However it does not have information about the chord progression. I wanted to add that information which is outside spotifys api .

I don’t think huggingface has any built in extractors for that.

I am not familiar with music in AI so I may be completely off in what you are trying to do. But here is what I could find.

You could use something like this to extract chords but this requires the audio file. Welcome to chord-extractor’s documentation! — chord-extractor documentation

Or you could use third party services like

I also recall a medium article that described a process to scrape ultimate-guitar to get the chords of a bunch of songs in order to find other similar songs. That could be another approach although you will have to figure out how to match the Spotify song to its chords on ultimate guitar.

Found the medium article