Is 'autoplay' possible for an audio file in gradio?

I am trying to deploy an image to speech application using Gradio, but the problem is it creates a player and the user has to click the ‘play’ button in order to play the audio. My application takes an image as input from webcam and then converts it into text(it basically creates a caption for image), further it displays an music player with a play button to play the generated audio. Ideally, it should autoplay the audio file without the need to actually click on the play button. Is it possible in Gradio ? I see, Streamlit does not have the functionality to ‘autoplay’ audio file. I am therefore looking forward if Gradio has the option to ‘autoplay’ the audio file without needing to be clicked on ‘play’ button. I checked the documentation and I think there is no way provided by Gradio. But, I was thinking if it is possible by using some html code in Gradio. I am not sure about this but am looking forward for solution for this.


Hey, did you find a solution for this? I am facing the same problem :slight_smile:

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