Is my model saved?


My model was training:

trainer = Trainer(model=model, args=training_args, train_dataset=train_data, eval_dataset=val_data, callbacks=[SavePeftModelCallback, LoadBestPeftModelCallback])

And it gave me torch.cuda.OutOfMemoryError: CUDA out of memory. right before saving the model. But I have the following strucuture:

└── checkpoint-1000
    ├── adapter_config.json
    ├── adapter_model.bin
    ├── pytorch_model.bin
    ├── rng_state_1.pth
    ├── rng_state_2.pth
    └── rng_state_3.pth

1 directory, 6 files

Did I lost everything, or I can recover the trained model from checkpoint-1000? If so, how?