Is there a model card and datasets API?

I want to do an information retrieval project using Huggingface models.

Is there an API which I can use to fetch all available models? Is there something like this for datasets?

If there is no single way to iterate over all models/datasets, is there at least a way to retrieve model cards/dataset information for a given model/dataset using its name?


For searching over models and datasets (and Spaces), you could use either the available Hugging Face Hub Endpoints or the Hub client library (see list_models and list_datasets).

Then you can specifically download the file for the dataset or model, which would be the dataset/model card: (Downloading files)

I would suggest using the Hugging Face Hub client library so you can do something like:

import huggingface_hub as hf

models = hf.list_models()
datasets = hf.list_datasets()

# Downloads the file and returns the local path
card = hf.hf_hub_download(models[0].modelId, '') 
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