Know more about the use of Hugging Face's transformers library

Hey guys, this question might sound silly but

I am working on a speech to text translation use-case to be integrated in the company’s website.

For this, I was testing the wav2vec2 model via transformers using HuggingFace on my colab notebook. What I want to know can I use it for commerical purpose ? , HF docs states it is licensed under Apache 2.0 and is open-source.

Again, I am not using HuggingFace website for this to use the models. I am only importing the transformers library in my projects.

Using HuggingFace API - there are pricing solutions and I understand this
Importing transformers library in my own notebook (for the company use-case) - ?

I would like to apologize for being repetitive, just wanted to be clear in my query.