List of AI Projects with AMD GPU support?

Hey everyone. I am currently running SD with the Automatic1111 interface at my Windows machine at a GTX 1070 - you can imagine, that this is pretty limited, espaecially with new SDX models.

So I think about getting a new GPU - and I am aware, that most AI Projects only support nVidia cards. While there is a version of Auto1111 for AMD, I’d also like to get in touch with aother projects, such as AudioLDM, which does only support nVidia. So it’s a balancing act between costs (for the GPU) and the possibility to run as much projects as possible.

Sure, the prices for a RTX 4070 dropped down to around 850€, so it’s ok’ish. But for just 100 bucks more, there are offers for an RX 7900 XTX - shich then would have the full blown 24GB VRAM - while the RTX 4070 is limited to 12GB.

Is there a list of prjects somewhere that shows, which GPU’s are supported? And is the AMD support in Auto1111 stable? Or is it “just a patchwork” and a mess to maintain?

Last question: Would the RTX 4060 with 16GB be an option? Or is it to much bottlenecked in computing power?

Would be nice, if someone could give me some feedback. Thx in advance.