Load pre-trained pytorch neural network

i am new to hugging face and am stuck on how to use a pre-trained neural network.
On my own machine i created a jupyter notebook, here i made and trained a pytorch feed forward neural network. Once it was trained i saved it using “torch.save(tuned_model, ‘model.pt’)”, later in the same jupyter notebook i can load the model using “load_model=torch.load(‘model.pt’)”. I now need to use this model in hugging face but when i try this with '“load_model=torch.load(‘model.pt’)” i get the error
“AttributeError: Can’t get attribute ‘Model’ on”. I am 100% sure that i am using the same pytorch version on hugging face and in my notebook and i have the file model.pt in my “files and versions”

Can someone help me with this, i think i am using the wrong function or something?