Lora extension with weight

First of all. Thank you for your effort.

I have some question when loading lora weight in sd.

  1. Is it the right way that putting sd model in this way? I mean it doesn’t have to be converted with like “convert_models_diffuser_to_diffusers.py” in diffusers?

model_base = "/hdd/jinnnn/anylora.safetensors"
pipeline = StableDiffusionImg2ImgPipeline.from_single_file(model_base, torch_dtype=torch.float16, safety_checker=None, requires_safety_checker=False).to('cuda')

  1. Then how can I adjust the weight of the lora weight like <lora:light_and_shadow:0.7> in webui?
    Is there any option that put any argument like “lora_weight” in “load_lora_weights” function?

  2. How can I use the trigger word in prompt? For example if my trigger word is ‘iom’, just putting ‘iom’ in my prompt is applied in generation?
    In connection with question 3, can I adjust the lora applied weight with text prompt?

  3. When using load_lora_weights is it automatically setting the rank and alpha that was used in trainig in webui?