Map() function doesn't process

I am trying map() function with the following code

dataset = load_dataset('csv', data_files={'train': 'train.csv', 'validation': 'dev.csv', 'test': 'test.csv'}, column_names=['sentence1', 'sentence2', 'label'])
tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained('roberta-large')

def tokenize_function(samples):
    return tokenizer(samples['sentence1'], samples['sentence2'], padding=True, truncation='True', max_length=256)

tokenized_datasets =, batched=True)

and the program seems to be stuck at this point.

Hi! Can you interrupt the process (CTRL+C or Command-C) after it gets stuck and share the (entire) trackback?

Thanks for the reply. I accidentlly put quotation mark around True in the function above, and as long as I fixed it, everything works just fine.