Model illuin/camembert-large-fquad do not work anymore


I don’t know why but the model illuin/camembert-large-fquad for french Question Answering do not work fine anymore when I use the code:

nlp = pipeline(‘question-answering’, model=‘illuin/camembert-large-fquad’, tokenizer=‘illuin/camembert-large-fquad’)

I get the error:
ImportError: IProgress not found. Please update jupyter and ipywidgets. See

In the huggingface website for this same model, the example box do not work either with the error:
The model illuin/camembert-large-fquad does not seem to have model files. Please check that it contains either pytorch_model.bin or tf_model.h5.

Is the model still available? How can I fix this?

Thanks all !

The first error is not related to transformers, as instructed you should update jupyter and ipywidgets following the instructions at the link provided.

Thanks I already update jupyter and ipywidgets but I didn’t enable the ipywidgets notebook extension, I had to do:

jupyter nbextension enable --py widgetsnbextension