Model mosaic/mpt-7b predict error after deploy in aws sagemaker

How to deploy mosaic/mpt-7b model in AWS Sagemaker? I followed the instructions similar to here, but get the following error. My guess is something to do with the following:

…this model requires that trust_remote_code=True. This is because we use a custom MPT model architecture that is not yet part of the Hugging Face transformers package

Any pointer on how to solve this?

Error on model.predict() after model.deploy()
*ModelError: An error occurred (ModelError) when calling the InvokeEndpoint operation: Received client error (400) from primary with message "{
“code”: 400,
“type”: “InternalServerException”,
“message”: “/.sagemaker/mms/models/model does not appear to have a file named config.json. Checkout \u0027\u0027 for available files.”

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