Model User Access Requests

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I have some doubts regarding the “User Access requests” functionality of the model repositories. From what I understand, this functionality gives me control of the users that acces my repository’s contents.

However, I was testing this with a colleague which has a model repository with the functionality turned on and I couldn’t clone the repository while when he turned off I could. The return of the git clone was a 403 error (forbidden access). Why is that? This functionality shouldn’t just track the users that access the repository?

Hi @ademait, no the current design of the feature is that you need to “request access” by clicking on the website before being able to download or git clone the repo.

This is in part because you are able to specify additional custom fields (academic affiliation, etc) that users need to fill on the website.

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Oh okay, I understand. Thank you @julien-c for the answer.