My HuggingFace Account Was Randomly Deleted?

I uploaded a CSGO Minimap Layout Generation SD Model the other day to HuggingFace but then when I tried to log in a few hours after my whole account seemed to be gone. Maybe using CS:GO’s Minimap dataset to train with dreambooth was against the TOS (I saw there were other CSGO related models on HF and assumed uploading it would’ve been fine) but shouldn’t I at least have gotten a notification that my account was deleted or be informed that I can’t post a model like that so I can just remove it from my profile? I had uploaded the same models to civitai with no issues. If anyone has an idea of how I can get my account back or why it might’ve been deleted in the first place please let me know, thanks!

Link to models:


This was resolved, this can be closed, thanks!

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sorry for the inconvenience caused