NER pipeline aggregation for BILOU

The simple aggregation strategy for an NER pipeline

nlp = pipeline("ner", model=model_directory, aggregation_strategy="simple")

aggregates correctly if we use BIO tags, but not if using BILOU style, is there a way to amend this easily?

I can change

nlp.model.config.id2label = {k: v.replace('L-', 'I-').replace('U-', 'B-') for k, v in nlp.model.config.id2label.items()}

but is there an in-built way to handle such cases where we have non BIO format labels?

the simpliest way if found is to adapt the config.json and adapt the ‘id2label’ dictionary to map to IOB
“id2label”: {
“0”: “O”,
“1”: “B-DISORDER”,
“2”: “B-DISORDER”,
“3”: “I-DISORDER”,
“4”: “I-DISORDER”,
“5”: “B-FINDING”,
“6”: “B-FINDING”,
“7”: “I-FINDING”,
“8”: “I-FINDING”
Hope this helps,