New Gradio chapter in the Hugging Face Course!

Hi folks :wave:

Gradio 3 was released this week and I’m thrilled to share that it’s featured in the brand new chapter of the Hugging Face course!

If you’ve never heard of Gradio, it’s a nifty library that solves a common challenge facing most data scientists & ML developers:

  • :see_no_evil: Training models is fun, but deploying and building interfaces around them much harder
  • :cold_sweat: Worse, this usually involves web frameworks that aren’t super familiar to most ML developers
  • :snake: Gradio lowers the barrier by letting your develop and launch demos entirely in Python!

In the course, you’ll first learn how to build ML demos using the high-level Interface API. By tapping into the 10,000+ models on the Hugging Face Hub, this allows us to create fun applications in just a few lines of code!

Later, you’ll learn how to build more complex demos using the Blocks API. Blocks allows you to compose a demo using the individual components - kinda like LEGO, but for web dev!

Btw, tf you want to put the knowledge from this chapter to good use, come join the Gradio Blocks party!

This is a community event where you’ll build cool ML demos with Gradio and be in the running to win Hugging Face swag and prizes!

You can find all the details about the event here :point_right::…