Organization Verification

How does organization verification work?
When adding the org domain, I get “pending verification” and no email is sent.

Hi @abdusahmbzuai.

The verification is manual on our side. As you probably noticed since your message (sorry for the late reply), your organization was verified successfully and now has the “Verified” badge.

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hey, @pierric We just noticed that our organization is registered by the others. How can we reclaim it? As they are using our logos and all the related information, I am wondering how the verification is passed.

Hi @nan, anyone can create an org on and use the username/name they want for it. What the verification process does is adding a “Verified” badge testifying that the org is who they claim they are.

In this case, I suppose you’re talking about jina-ai (Jina AI). This org has not been verified by us and thus doesn’t have the verified badge. The different possibilities I see for you:

  • you can create a new org (like and ask for verification
  • we can also contact the owner of the org and ask them to transfer the ownership to you
  • ultimately, you can contact legal[at] if you think this org should be taken down (for instance for infringing on your IP, if it’s the case)
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@pierric How do I get my organization account, UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group), verified?