Permission issues when saving model checkpoint

Currently trying to train a mistral model for music gen. When using the trainer I am getting a strange permission error. I have checked all my files and they definitely allow read/write to that directory. IDE is in admin mode. Can’t figure out why it keeps throwing this error.

remi_trainer = Trainer(

print("Training commencing....")
train_result = remi_trainer.train()
print("Training complete.")
remi_trainer.save_model()  # Saves the tokenizer too
remi_trainer.log_metrics("train", train_result.metrics)
remi_trainer.save_metrics("train", train_result.metrics)
PermissionError                           Traceback (most recent call last)
Cell In[34], line 16
    13 # Training
    14 #remi_trainer.
    15 print("Training commencing....")
---> 16 train_result = remi_trainer.train()
    17 print("Training complete.")
    18 remi_trainer.save_model()  # Saves the tokenizer too

File ~\anaconda3\envs\GPU_Env\Lib\site-packages\transformers\, in Trainer.train(self, resume_from_checkpoint, trial, ignore_keys_for_eval, **kwargs)
  1537         hf_hub_utils.enable_progress_bars()
  1538 else:
-> 1539     return inner_training_loop(
  1540         args=args,
  1541         resume_from_checkpoint=resume_from_checkpoint,
  1542         trial=trial,
  1543         ignore_keys_for_eval=ignore_keys_for_eval,
  1544     )

File ~\anaconda3\envs\GPU_Env\Lib\site-packages\transformers\, in Trainer._inner_training_loop(self, batch_size, args, resume_from_checkpoint, trial, ignore_keys_for_eval)
  1926     self.state.epoch = epoch + (step + 1 + steps_skipped) / steps_in_epoch
  1927     self.control = self.callback_handler.on_step_end(args, self.state, self.control)
-> 1929     self._maybe_log_save_evaluate(tr_loss, model, trial, epoch, ignore_keys_for_eval)
  1930 else:
  1931     self.control = self.callback_handler.on_substep_end(args, self.state, self.control)

File ~\anaconda3\envs\GPU_Env\Lib\site-packages\transformers\, in Trainer._maybe_log_save_evaluate(self, tr_loss, model, trial, epoch, ignore_keys_for_eval)
  2297         self.lr_scheduler.step(metrics[metric_to_check])
  2299 if self.control.should_save:
-> 2300     self._save_checkpoint(model, trial, metrics=metrics)
  2301     self.control = self.callback_handler.on_save(self.args, self.state, self.control)

File ~\anaconda3\envs\GPU_Env\Lib\site-packages\transformers\, in Trainer._save_checkpoint(self, model, trial, metrics)
  2415 os.rename(staging_output_dir, output_dir)
  2417 # Ensure rename completed in cases where os.rename is not atomic
-> 2418 fd =, os.O_RDONLY)
  2419 os.fsync(fd)
  2420 os.close(fd)

PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 'G:\\FYP\\Mistral\\Model_Predictions\\Version_1\\cps\\checkpoint-10'

using version

Hello, I ran into the same issue yesterday. I think the call into opening a directory may be an issue. I don’t have a rigorous understanding nor do I have a perfect fix, but for what I needed, I applied a simple bandage solution that I figure I could share, just in case it may be useful to others. I simply remove those lines of line. In this example, I basically removed lines 2417-2420. It appears to still work for me. The folders were renamed correctly and the checkpoints were saved as well. The training went well and quickly, and the inference results were quite acceptable (better than 90%). Hope this is helpful. Sorry, I don’t have a better solution. Thank you.

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Great I tried that and it worked for me also. Must be an issue in the source code!

Thanks for your response.

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