Plot Graphs on Gradio Partially Cut off on X- Axis


The boxplot on the output of my gradio interface cuts off just below the x-axis so you can’t see the titles.

See the code here - · seyia92coding/Popular_Spotify_Albums at main

Has anyone had much luck with seaborn plot outputs with Gradio?


Can you try plt.tight_layout() and let me know if it fixes things?

plt.tight_layout() was already applied in the code, so probably something else?

Interesting. I noticed you passed in (rect=[1, 2.5, 1, 0.45]) as custom coordinates into plt.tight_layout. What happens if you adjust these values or remove them altogether?

The custom coordinates has improved the visibility a lot actually but it’s limited, the bottom coordinate doesn’t seem to expand beyond 1.5 ish.
I’m thinking a legend would be better for this use case but I had thought…
Maybe an option to open output on a separate tab, next to the screenshot button?

That’s a good suggestion, let us think about that