Possibility install debian packages as user

It happened a case (actually pychatgpt ,which uses selenium , which uses chromium webdriver) where I needed to install Chromium specifically 108 version (chromium_108.0.5359.94-1_i386.deb) but current CPU base docker image is debian buster and it is not possible to add new repository or install debian package at user level (since sources in packages.txt are last to copy).
I can use T4 based GPU instance (which has ubuntu and my required dependency) but I do not need GPU instance (where my model can work on CPU, additional cost is unneded where x8 vcpu is enough).
Any possibility to select or at least give option to add additional package repository?

There is no possibility to add additional package repository but we’ll soon release support for custom Dockerfile spaces which should allow you to add the repositories you need.