Problems to push a trained model to the hub


I’ve started to work through huggingFaces rl cource and I’m in unit1. So far everything worked fine but I have trouble to push my model to the hub. At the line

`import gymnasium as gym
from stable_baselines3.common.vec_env import DummyVecEnv
from stable_baselines3.common.env_util import make_vec_env

from huggingface_sb3 import package_to_hub

TODO: Define a repo_id

repo_id is the id of the model repository from the Hugging Face Hub (repo_id = {organization}/{repo_name} for instance ThomasSimonini/ppo-LunarLander-v2

repo_id = ergh0/ppo-LunarLander-v2

repo_id = ergh0/ppo-LunarLander-v2

I get the error message NameError: name ‘ergh0’ is not defined

It is my username on huggingFace and I’ve successfully added a token to the process. What is it that I’m doing wrong here?

Solved it myself, forgot the quotes

repo_id = “ergh0/ppo-LunarLander-v2”