Push_to_hub usage errors?

Trying to push my model back to the hub from python (not notebook) and failing so far:

I am using a T5 model with the latest development version of the example “run_summarization.py” and pass a load of runtime parameters in and my model works fine. There are some parameters that seem to relate to pushing the model back to the hub which I have identified from the “run_summarization.py -h” text:

  • –use_auth_token - Will use the token generated when running transformers-cli login (necessary to use this script with private models). (default: False) -I assume I need to set this True given I ran the cli and it saved my token in the cache?
  • –push_to_hub - Whether or not to upload the trained model to the model hub after training. (default: False) - I set this to True
  • –push_to_hub_model_id - The name of the repository to which push the Trainer. (default: None) - *I set this to a string that is my model like “my_model” I guess? *
  • –push_to_hub_organization - Not relevant for me since I am an individual?
  • –push_to_hub_token - Not needed if I set --use_auth_token True

So I have as part of my run time parameter list:

–push_to_hub True --use_auth_token True --push_to_hub_model_id "t5_tuesday"

But I get the error:

OSError: Tried to clone a repository in a non-empty folder that isn’t a git repository. If you really want to do this, do it manually:\mgit init && git remote add origin && git pull origin main or clone repo to a new folder and move your existing files there afterwards.

As I said above, I did transformers-cli login successfully in my environment. I thought maybe I needed to do as I had seen in an example Colab notebook:

!pip install hf-lfs

!git config --global user.email "<my_github_email>"
!git config --global user.name "<my_github_username>"

but after doing the above the error changes to:

subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command ‘[‘git-lfs’, ‘–version’]’ returned non-zero exit status 1.

But not sure if needed (I am guessing)! I can supply the Trace for both kinds of errors above if needed, but I don’t know what minimal configuration works running a .py file to see if I am being a dumb user and the problem is usage or the problem is something else.

Any help on correct usage appreciated or point me to a working example? Thanks!

As the error indicates, you are trying to clone an existing repository in a folder that is not a git repository, so you should use an empty folder, or an ID for a new repository.

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Sorry @sgugger , could you provide a bit more explanation please? I am no Github expert and other than the error message I didn’t know that I was trying to clone an existing repository, so I don’t know how to interpret the message at all (yes I am a numpty, sorry!). Could you point me to a runtime parameter configuration that I could expect to work? For example, the following doesn’t work and produces the same error relating to github:

–push_to_hub True --use_auth_token True --push_to_hub_model_id “t5_tuesday”

My expectation from the above is that it should create and save my model as “t5_tuesday” under my account as TheLongSentance/t5_tuesday. Despite the error, this actually seems to happen on checking my huggingface account but I still get the github error within the run?

And do I need to do the two !git config statements?

And finally do I need to !pip install hf-lfs or is that not needed any more?


Change your output_dir or delete its content before re-running the script, or use --overwrite_output_dir to remove its content.

The problem is that you have a non-empty output_dir in which you are trying to clone an existing model.
Also make sure you are on the latest version of the script and Transformers.


hi, I am facing the same error when trying to pushtohubcallback… Logging in via the notebook was successful

I was logging in current folder like this

training_args = TrainingArguments(

Changing it to

training_args = TrainingArguments(

resolved the issue