Quantum mechanical observer effect in transformers ((((

Hi guys, I found a strange behavior when translate de sentence to en . That is, if I comment one line code of print without editing any thing, the result will be totally diffrent.

Without comment (correct output):

Levemir InnoLet can be cleaned by wiping with a medicinal swab.

With comment (totally incorrect output even with strange repeat):

Insummarized can be treated with a Levitean medicinal can be treated with a Levitean cane.

golden truth sentence: You can clean your Levemir InnoLet by wiping it with a medicinal swab.

Currently, I have found that result is irrelevant with ‘print’ when I comment it out

if int(torch.cuda.current_device()) == 0:

But I still don’t know the principle behind this matter :frowning: Any ideas?