Query about Text model - T5

Hi Guys,
Hope everyone are doing good.
Actually i am using this T5Base model for Translation. I am training it to translate USA english to German, Italian and French. You know the units and measurements in USA will be in inches and foots but in europian regions it will be centimeters and meters. i need to know few details related to T5,
1.)Will this model capable of units conversions?
2.)Minimum most how many data set in a csv file i need to give for training to get a standard result?
3.)I need to achieve brand specific tone setting during translation, can i achieve using T5?
4.)In USA english scripts there will be special characters like copyright, trademark symbols but for other reagion it is not necessary to be present, can i achieve this charactrestic in T5?
5.)Can this T5 convert the currency according to the region as units which is mentioned in 1.)

Please can any one help me with the above queries? if this is not possible with T5 please suggest an AI model (opensource and free) which will be helpfull for me.
Thanks in Advance.