Query on AutoTrain Pricing and Policy Change

Recently, I’ve encountered a situation with the AutoTrain feature and wanted to seek some clarification. It seems that currently, AutoTrain charges a fee even when I attempt to use the “free” limit of 5 models or the “Pro” limit of 10 models. Anytime I exceed one model, the platform reminds me about the impending costs.

As per my understanding, the system should allow usage of up to 5 models for free and 10 for Pro users before any charges apply. This was the policy when I initially joined the platform, and I am wondering if there has been any recent change in policy that I may have missed.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue? Has there been any change in the pricing policy or the way the AutoTrain model limit works?

Yes. I’m the same. I’m on a pro subscription and I can’t use anything more than 1 model now. There hasn’t been any communication at all. Just suddenly our access changed which appears to be against their own TOS because we are on a subscription.