RagRetriver Import error

I am getting an error cannot import name RagRetriever (unknown location). Using base terminal under conda python3.8. transformers 4.2.2

Does it work under 4.2.1 (stable version) ?

Do either of these help at all:

I am not an expert, and your question might be sufficient for an expert to answer, but I suggest you add a bit more detail.
(eg what are you running, have you managed to make any other transformers models work, what are you attempting to achieve).

HI thanks for your response. First I installed transformers using pip in python3.6. There I could import RagRetriever but I was not being able to install the module ‘datasets’ (pyarrow installation error). So I resorted to conda python 3.8 and installed the transformers module within the conda environment. There I could install ‘datasets’ module successfully but faced this import error of ‘RagRetreiver’. If you can help that will be great. I did not use any other model before in this module.

conda install -c conda-forge huggingface_hub