Regression outputs (list) for normal distribution output in regression problems


I have a question regarding the form of the predictions using a PatchTST regression model with ‘nll’ as loss.
I create a regression model as follows:

model = PatchTSTForRegression(arch_config)

and train it successfully on some data.

If I use the mse as loss as here:

arch_config = PatchTSTConfig(

the prediction
predicted_values = model(x).regression_output

returns a tensor predicted_values of size ‘batch_size’ x ‘output_features’, which makes perfectly sense. In my understanding, the distribution_output parameter is ignored in that case.

However, if I change that to a ‘nll’ loss with a ‘normal’ distribution:

arch_config = PatchTSTConfig(

the same prediction returns a list of two tensors of the same shape ‘batch_size’ x ‘output_features’.
I just do not understand what these two entries in the list correspond to.
Are they somehow a mean and a (diagonal) covariance matrix of a normal distribution?
Am I getting something completely wrong?
What are the two list entries exactly?
I have not found any helpful clues in the documentation or forum.

Thank you and best regards!

Since there are no answers, I would like to re-phrase my question to a more general one:

Using a PatchTSTForRegression with
distribution_output='normal' loss and
in the PatchTSTConfig, the
(e.g. when predicting values with a trained model) is a tuple of length two. Each entry of the tuple is a tensor of size (batch_size, num_targets).

How can we interpret this tuple / the values of the tuple?

Any help, reference or suggestion is appreciated!