Removing tokens from the GPT tokenizer

How can I remove unwanted sub-tokens from GPT vocabulary or tokenizer? I have tried an existing approach that was used for a ROBERTa kind of model as shown below (Removing tokens from the tokenizer 路 Issue #15032 路 huggingface/transformers 路 GitHub). However it fails at the point of initializing the 鈥渕odel鈥 component of the backend_tokenizer with the new vocabulary.

#1. Get your tokenizer and the list of tokens you want to remove

import json
from transformers import AutoTokenizer

tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained("gpt2")

# get all tokens with "unused" in target_tokenizer
unwanted_words = [ 'ply', '臓mor','臓provide','IC','ung','臓party', '臓exist', '臓mag',]

#2. Get the arguments that allowed to initialize the "model" component of the backend_tokenizer.
model_state = json.loads(tokenizer.backend_tokenizer.model.__getstate__())

#3. Modify the initialization arguments, in particular the vocabulary to remove the tokens we don't want

# remove all unwanted tokens from the vocabulary
for word in unwanted_words:
    del model_state["vocab"][word]


#4. Intitialize again the "model" component of the backend_tokenizer with the new vocabulary

from tokenizers import models

model_class = getattr(models, model_state.pop("type"))

tokenizer.backend_tokenizer.model = model_class(**model_state)


And below is the error:


TypeError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)

<ipython-input-21-fa908d23c419> in <module>
     30 model_class = getattr(models, model_state.pop("type"))
---> 32 tokenizer.backend_tokenizer.model = model_class(**model_state)
     34 print(len(tokenizer.vocab))

TypeError: argument 'merges': failed to extract enum PyMerges ('Merges | Filename')
- variant Merges (Merges): TypeError: failed to extract field PyMerges::Merges.0, caused by TypeError: 'str' object cannot be converted to 'PyTuple'
- variant Filename (Filename): TypeError: failed to extract field PyMerges::Filename.0, caused by TypeError: 'list' object cannot be converted to 'PyString'

What other methods can I use or refer to? The original script I adapter was used for ROBERTa which uses Sentencepiece but GPT uses BPE.

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