Reporting/filtering Spam

Browsing models by latest update looks like the attached image at the moment - an endless flood of spam posts by spam accounts making it very difficult to actually see what is new.

Is there a way to report spam accounts other than to report each individual model, and until this problem is fixed is there a way to exclude terms in the search box e.g. omit results with the word “free” or “gift” in the title?

admins or moderators scam on this site, i report them many times is scam here and they noting do

Hi, thank you for your feedback.

We are aware of increased spam recently; we have been removing thousands of users and we’re continuously working on improving our detection system, cc @allendorf.

This is a problem we’re taking very seriously and we hope to substantially reduce spam in the next weeks.

I found a bunch of spam accounts / repositories by looking at the recently updated list: Models - Hugging Face

All of these users have repositories called “album” with spam links.

Thanks for reporting!