Reviews summarization to two/ three words

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I’m looking for model to run in my project.

I want to find a model that would summarize different texts into 2/3 words format, every text would be in english. I also want it to accept list of tags so it would not need to generate new summarizations if the given one is accurately describing the text.

For the text like this: “I don’t like this website because it is laggy, and unresponsive”.

tag: “Website Slow Unresponsive”.

If the text is simimlar:

“It’s a nice website, but everything is slow, buttons are buggy and don’t respond to clisks”

the tag would be reused because the problem is essentialy the same:

tag: “Website Slow Unresponsive”

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hi did you figure this out in the end? :slight_smile: