Search filters need refining

When searching using filters some of the search parameters are not very good. Im not sure how else to describe this, but let me give you an example. When search for datasets about coding. I can search “code” and filter by most downloads. Although the Magicoder dataset has 11.9k downloads, it will never show up in this filter despite having the word “code” in Magi-code-r. The dataset is one of the best, and alot of people will be missing it when they are looking for the most downloaded datasets for coding. This is very bad and absolutely needs to be addressed as im sure many other instances of this type of error have happens on the site using filters. We want people to find good models and data with these filters, and only by your teams hard work can we do this. I appreciate all your time and effort. Cheers!

Thanks for the feedback, shared internally. We have plans to improve the curation of search results.