Share your pain points building AI model

Hi everyone, i’m new here so please let me know if this not the right place to post or if there’s a better channel for that.

I am the co-founder of a data and data services marketplace. Currently we help users to source for storage providers who can help store data. I realized a lot of the public datasets we matched between data communities and storage providers are actually datasets that are helpful in building AI models. In short, on our platform, we have raw datasets and storage service already. Therefore, I am wondering what are the other ingredients people will need for building a MVP AI model. For example. would people appreciate someone helping to clean up the dataset, providing hosting service etc.

Building an AI model and running it is a lot of work and potentially expensive. I am looking for people who are directly building AI model to share with me their pain points and I love to explore and see how we can help.

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Data clean up is one of the sore points for me right now. And I’m not sure to what degree we should label data in order to fine tune for an open source LLM.

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How do you currently search for datasets to run your model? Also, are you open to sharing your dataset publicly? I ask because I am building a dataset indexing platform and would love to look for early adopters.