Shared public/private models are gone

Hi there,

I uploaded public and private models a week ago (and the public model has over a hundred downloads so far). However, I just found out that they are gone in my profile page. Can anyone tell me what is going on here? I certainly didn’t delete the models. Is this related to model sharing policy that I might be missing? Thank you!


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Oh my! I thought I was the only one going crazy! My models are also gone from my page, nor can they be searched. I similarly didn’t touch the models at all over the past few days… What’s odd is that I can still view and clone them if I visit their old direct links as per usual, like this for example.

There seems to be something going on. I hope it can be resolved soon!

I can see your models on your page, so I think the problem was solved?

Hi Sylvain. Yes, the problem was solved sometime after this discussion was posted. Thanks!

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Thanks. The problem is solved.