Space stuck in 'Build Queued'

Resolved (issue fixed on its own but still not sure what was happening)
Hugging Face team:

My space has been hanging in ‘Build Queued’ for 4 hours: Image To Music - a Hugging Face Space by Bokanovskii

Today, I rebuilt my space (Bokanovskii/Image-to-music) with some new changes and was seeing the build hang on downloading the weights for a transformers model (after a long while it would error and say that the weights couldn’t be downloaded). Notably, I don’t have this problem with the exact same code locally.

The transformer that was causing the build to hang: ViTForImageClassification.from_pretrained(“jayanta/google-vit-base-patch16-224-cartoon-emotion-detection”)

After toying around with this issue, I did a factory reboot on the space and now the build process is stuck.

Can I get some help?

I think it’s a HuggingFace issue - all my spaces are having trouble as well.

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