Space stuck in ‘Build Queued’

I have read most threads regarding the same situation “space stucked in build queued.”

Now all my spaces, included any new created spaces, will failed to build. And base on all the previous threads, this is very likely a huggingface issue and require hugging face’ team support.

Can any admin help me to resolve this issue?

-------------------------The ERROR at the build logs-----------------------------------------

→ COPY --link --chown=1000 ./ /home/user/app
DONE 0.0s

→ RUN pip freeze > /tmp/freeze.txt
DONE 1.0s

→ COPY --from=pipfreeze --link --chown=1000 /tmp/freeze.txt .
DONE 0.0s

→ Pushing image
→ COPY --link --chown=1000 --from=lfs /app /home/user/app

→ Restoring cache

→ Pushing image

→ ERROR: failed to push failed to copy: operation error S3: GetObject, https response error StatusCode: 404, RequestID: 0SRSN8THY1JDJ13E, HostID: yme3g5zRpSupbkPs9jXoOmb/5GgtJkIEa+UITbIP0vVfpmjJf4IuK7S5JsRYg0424ZjNjpQfC1c=, NoSuchKey:

I am having the exact same issue, this is probably because of an internal huggingface update

Are you expecting them to recover after few hours?

Probably, as huggingface normally fixes these kind of issues pretty quickly. Might be an issue with AWS though.

I agree, lets wait

The problem is fixed for me, wbu?

Hi @keble @Araeynn, thanks for reporting. We’ve applied a patch and triggering a restart to your Space should do the trick. Let us know though if you continue to see an issue. Thanks again!