Spaces take forever to launch

Hi all,
is someone experimenting with infinite launching time for its space?
Last week, it was working just fine. Today it cannot launch …
It takes forever to start the app :slightly_frowning_face:

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I had to add the share=True in the launch() method to have my space working again.

Thanks for posting @jmassot. It shouldn’t be the case that you need share=True. Did you try again with share=False after doing a factory reset on the space? I think the spaces infrastructure is under heavy load which is why it maybe timed out for you.

What space are you working on by the way?

Hi Freddy
Thanks for the comment. I did not test with the parameter set to False. As far as I have understood it should not have any impact of the building time but changing it may have trigger a “deeper” rebuild process which unlocked me. I will test to reset the share to the default value and retry a build. I guess that you are right about the load…
The Space is private, sorry I cannot comment much about it.
Best regards

Where is the launch method of your space? I have the same error but don’t have a launch method