Spaces won't start again today

They were working this morning and now it just spins indefinitely. I haven’t made any code changes. Have tried changing hardware and duplicating the space, which sometimes works.

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Seeing this error intermittently while it’s stuck building:

Error: Failed to load logs: Not Found. Logs are persisted for 30 days after the Space stops running.

Apologies, we had some internal issues on our infra, could you please try rebooting/factory rebooting now?

I’m getting 500 errors for all of my spaces right now.

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same here! Spaces have been down for me for hours.

can you all please try again? thanks

I have one space that is running correctly and another is starting normally. Looking good.

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It’s back–thanks for fixing!

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My spaces still deploy successfully but when I try to use the api endpoint I suddenly receive CORS errors now. My space endpoints were working fine before all of this, do you have any advice?