Starting my first pull request, but transformers tests stall

I am trying to contribute to the library by fixing a bug that I’ve found some time ago. This is about to be my first PR here, so I am following exactly the contributing guide. Before making the changes to the current code, I’m running the tests to see how that goes:

make test

And this command takes way too long to be true (on a powerful machine with lots of CPUs and GPUs). In partihular, it hangs completely at some point and does not proceed at all with the recent output messages looking OK. The last message is below, but the tests run in parallel on 48 cores, so this may be useless.

[gw0] SKIPPED tests/

Is there a way to see, which test gets stuck? Can I skip it? Could anyone give me a piece of advice on how I should proceed?

You can try to increase the verbosity of the tests with an extra v in -vv. E.g.

python -m pytest -n auto --dist=loadfile -s -vv ./tests/

You should only test the test files related to your PR and let the CI double-check for you, to go faster.

Thanks to both of you. I shall proceed then without all the tests running on my side.