Suggestions for hugging face transformer models for Code and Formal Languages

I am looking for a list of a few (e.g 2-4 would be great!) transformer models/foundation models that I can use from hugging face for applications to formal language/code. If none exist a pointer to papers is great (and hopefully something close I can extract & use from hugging face).

Due to the homogeneity of large transformer/foundation models I did have a doubt if the question was worth asking since they all seem to be small changes to the homogenous transformer model but wanted to make sure I didn’t miss something (especially something very avoidable). Though, there seem to be more than 100 entries here 🤗 Transformers which put me off, thus making me think that perhaps my assumption is wrong about homogeneity (and hence my question here!)

Any suggestions of transformer/foundation models I can use for code/formal languages – especially using the hugging face platform?

related, since I’m newish to the hugging face community I happened to ask this in the discord channel to today, perhaps the reference to it is a good idea: Discord

Some suggestions from discord:

happy to receive more

reddit link: