Tabular classification/regression inference API


I have a fine-tuned pytorch model which builds upon a pretrained roberta model from huggingface. The pytorch model simply has two fully connected layers after the roberta model where I add some additional parameters to predict a single value (i.e. a regression task).

I would very much like this model to be available for inference on the hub and I believe the Tabular Classification or Tabular Regression tasks are suitable widgets since they allow me to both pass text to the transformer in one column and the other additional parameters in the other columns.

However, I’ve been trying to follow this tutorial which links to the wine-quality example by @osanseviero, but there I can’t find any file and don’t really understand how to implement the functions specified in the tutorial.

There are some users who have successfully implemented the Tabular Regression widget on sklearn models, has anyone figured out how to do so with transformers models?

Thank you in advance! :blush:

EDIT: This is a copy of this issue in case the category was wrong

cc’ing @merve here