Text to Speech error

Hello again,

every time I try to use the Text-to-Speech examples through the API in the task section of HF I got an error message response.

For the espnet/lan-bayashi model I tried the Inference API like in this example from the model directly:

import requests

API_URL = "https://api-inference.huggingface.co/models/espnet/kan-bayashi_ljspeech_vits"
headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"}

def query(payload):
	response = requests.post(API_URL, headers=headers, json=payload)
	return response.json()
output = query({
	"inputs": "The answer to the universe is 42",

I got as response : {'error': ['Error in 'inputs': Malformed soundfile']}

Really? Text 2 Speech is used to be text as input and soundfile as output.

How can this happen? Also the facebook text 2 speech engine errors out with "{'error': 'text-to-speech is not a valid pipeline'}"

I mean, this are examples directly brought by HF on the task pages.