This is the simplest code i get error in output box

I am suspecting that there is a browser issue (I use uptodate chrome on win 11)
I can see anything wrong with the snippet below.
thank you i am stuck

import gradio as gr

def this_test(text):
new_text = text+text
return new_text

testing = gr.Interface(
fn = this_test,
inputs =gr.inputs.Textbox(),
outputs =gr.outputs.Textbox(),


What error are you getting @tonnysasse ?

the output box show red text with the word error. I have not been able to trap any more details. This error also occurs when i run hello word so it might be a permission issue of somekind. I run on win 11

additionally it was working a few days ago

Can you try .launch(debug=True) to see if anythings gets printed to the console?

I tried that multiple times also use the dev tools in the browser nothing nothing. I just ran a notebook that worked a few days ago that show the same error. The only change is that I moved my environment from Pip to conda and reinstalled conda and pycharm.

gradio version 3.18.0

I don’t think gradio works from conda install. So even if you are in a conda environment, install gradio with pip

conda is not installing the latest version when i use pip to instal 3.40.1 in my conda environment everything started to working. conda install is not installing the latest version of gradio - issue resolved thank you for you looking in to the issue

Yea we don’t maintain the gradio conda package so it’s entirely possible it’s out of date or broken