Train an AudioClip model in Flax/Jax

The newly release AudioClip model combines, audio, text and images.
Would it be possible to train an AudioClip model using Flax/Jax?


Hi! I’d be really interested in participating in this project.

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Do we have JAX code for this? :slight_smile:

I don’t think so, it’d probably be necessary to convert the existing implementations to JAX.

Hey guys, I’m also interested in working on this project! I have created an empty repo in a Github Org I’m part of, here’s the link: GitHub - icmc-data/Jax_AudioCLIP

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Just to get things going, @JoaoMarcos and I started adding some “To Do” cards in the projects tab, so the people interested in working in this project can easily find out where to start.

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Awesome finalizing this project then as well!