Trainer's bar can't work but training is working

when the training start, the process just stop at 2/66672 (steps),while the training process seems to continue, because after a while, the validation began, and the validation process bar still didn’t show up, the training bar didn’t move.
I test my code in colab, there is no problem when running in colab environment, I uninstall all packages to ensure all the package version is correct ,but It didn’t work. could anyone can help me
the matrix I use is seqeval,and I used my own dataset.
my code is alomost the same as the official notebook.
link:Google Colab

here is my environment info:

  • transformers version:4.12.5
  • Platform:pytorch
  • Python version:3.8
  • PyTorch version (GPU?):1.12.0-cuda11.3
  • Tensorflow version (GPU?):
  • Using GPU in script?:yes
  • Using distributed or parallel set-up in script?:no