Transform a to a datasets.dataset?

I want to ask if there exists a method that can help me transform a to a datasets.dataset.

Hi! We don’t have a dedicated method for converting to datasets.Dataset, only the other way around.

So you have two options:

  • If the dataset is small and fits in RAM, you can convert the TF dataset to a Python dictionary and then call datasets.Dataset.from_dict on it. Another approach that might be easier is to install Tensorflow Datasets and convert the TF dataset to a Pandas DataFrame, on which you can call datasets.Dataset.from_pandas: datasets.Dataset.from_pandas(tfds.as_dataframe(tf_dataset))
  • If the dataset doesn’t fit in RAM, you can create a simple loading script in which you iterate over the dataset and yield its examples in _generate_examples. You can find more info here: Create a dataset loading script.