Unable to paste access token in cmd

I am trying to use the huggingface-cli login command to install Stable Diffusion. I am at the end of the process where I need to use the huggingface-cli login command to log in to hugging face. However, I am unable to type the access token or past it. I don’t know why, and my searches haven’t turned up much useful information. Any help would be appreciated. No error is given. I just can’t enter anything at the Token: prompt.

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Make sure your running as administrator, right click the top of the window, highlight edit, paste. Your token wont be visible but entering should work. Sorry that its taken someone this long to reply.

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I had this problem as well and for some reason I could only get it to successfully paste the token by rightclicking on the command window (not selecting Edit->Paste in top left as usual). It wasn’t visible but worked.

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It’s much simpler to give the token as an argument to the first call as follows:

huggingface-cli login --token YOUR_TOKEN_GOES_HERE

Simply running huggingface-cli login -h will show you this option which solves the copy-paste issue immediately.